The acquisition of the Swiss general representation of «Comacchio Bohrgeräte», «Eurodrill Hydraulik Hämmer und Drehantriebe», «Sysbohr GmbH», «Rockmore Gesteinsbohrwerkzeuge», «Ripamonti» and «TM Bohrtechnik GmbH» has enabled Küchler Technik to offer everything for your drilling related needs. Light-duty, modular design lafette extensions, lafette extensions, anchor drills, small bore drilling machines, geothermal drilling and pile drills. You are certain to find the drill that suits your needs. We can arrange the construction of a custom device that exactly meets your requirements and wishes.


Our mechanics and support provided by the manufacturers, guarantee the competent and prompt service of all drilling machines and drilling tools.  


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Thomas Kaufmann

+41 41 329 20 30


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