History of Küchler Technik AG

2019 Successful recertification to ISO 9001: 2008
2018 Küchler Technik AG is celebrating its 20th anniversary
2017 Küchler Technik AG patented KÜPS® (Küchler Permanent System)
2016 The completion and opening of new halls anchor and mortar
2015 Successful certification to ISO 9001: 2008
2014 Küchler Technik AG began its preparations for ISO 9001 certification in 2014 (certification was achieved in April 2015). The new, updated Küchler Technik AG catalog is published. All products and services are compiled and summarized in a concise source - an indispensable workplace assistant for all civil engineering specialists.
2012  The business extension in Schlundstrasse opens: The drilling technology building facilitates efficient and speedy service and maintenance work. At the same time, more space is created by adding and converting the office area.
2012 An important stride for the expansion of Küchler Technik AG: The Krienser municipal council approves a zone plan revision in the Schlundmatt area giving the green light to the business expansion. New buildings are planned for drilling and anchor technology.
2012 Küchler Technik AG acquires shares in a company producing anchors.
2008 The new look of Küchler Technik AG achieves a clearly structure appearance on the market.
2006 Creation of the in-house drilling department offering enhanced customer benefits by becoming the general representative for leading drilling equipment brands in Switzerland (Comacchio, Eurodrill, Boart, Rockmore)
2005 The move to the new company premises in Schlundstrasse in Kriens brings considerably more space. This move means that the company has adequate land reserves and is well prepared for future development steps
2004 Conversion into a stock company. At the same time Gewimo AG (formerly: Baugeschäft Dalla Bona) is acquired and integrated
2003 Küchler Ankertechnik acquires the first patent for a permanent self-drilling anchor (KSB®)
2002 Jörg Küchler takes over the management of the company.
1998 Foundation in Emmen of the Küchler Ankertechnik company by Franz and Jörg Küchler