Rod Anchor

The KÜBOLT® is a solid rod anchor with continuous external thread. KÜBOLT ® piles can take loads from 100 - 1 500 kN. The piles consist of rod elements of maximum 12 m, which are coupled with sleeves. The KÜBOLT ® elements are ribbed threaded rods which are inserted into the predrilled hole. The spring cage spacer ensures that the KÜBOLT ® anchor is anchored centrally in the drill hole.




  • Screw anchoring facilitates easy clamping, re-tensioning and release
  • The helical ribs give an excellent bond between the anchor rod and cement mortart
  • The wide range of cross sections and grades of steel allow the anchor to be matched to the required loads
  • Simple length adjustment on site, for instance for varying geological conditions (shortening by trimming or lengthening using a couplet connection)
  • Can be used in practically all soils

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