Injection Technology

K Injection Systems

Injection systems provide the right grip. From sleeve pipes to pneumatic and hydraulic single or double packers, we also offer mechanical screw packers.



K Sleeve pipes

The sleeve pipes are made of rigid PVC. They are supplied in 2 000 mm lengths, including external and internal threads, and can be extended as required. Other lengths (500 mm to 6 000 mm) on request. The sleeves are available in 330 mm as standard and with 500 mm and 1 000 mm spacing on request.


K Injection packer

Developed for injection of KÜMIX cement mortar into micropiles, pipe shields and sleeve pipes.


Hydraulic single and double packer

The hydraulic packers are driven by a hydraulic hand pump and a hydraulic piston that compresses two expansion elements made of a special elastomer. The packers can be used as single or double packers, depending on requirements.


Pneumatic single and double packer

The pneumatic packer is inflated by air or water pressure and can be used as a single or double packer depending on requirements.


Mechanical screw packers

The K screw packer is ideal for cavity injections with mortar or cement. The advantage lies in the multiple use and the fast moving.

The areas of application are backfilling and injection of tubbings, masonry, steel pipes, concrete slabs, etc.

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