Permanent System


Through the combination of drilling anchor-pile with intersecting drill bit as well as the support tube and using the extension adapter, KÜPS® can be extended to any length and deep drilled.

This method enables drilling, offsetting, injection with injection material and injecting all in one operation. The injection material (KÜMIX®) is pumped by means of a flushing head through the rotary drilling anchor-pile, to the drill bit to the deepest drill hole.


From the drill bit the injection material is pressed out under pressure between the drilling anchor-pile, support tube (cladding tube) and the drill hole. Due to the complete filling of the system this receives double corrosion protection over the entire length as well as a larger load carrying resistance. The great advantages of this method are the double corrosion protection and the much faster work rate.


Before the injection material sets the system also allows the self-drilling anchor pile to be preloaded in the support cladding tube by setting the drill bit on the support cladding tube and applying tension to the self-drilling anchor pile. This allows the load-bearing resistance against bending to be increased further.


Main Advantages


  • Cost effective alternative to other pre-injected anchors
  • Undamaged injection sheath
  • Faster and more efficient paving
  • Rod length not limited by transport
  • No resistance measurement required


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