Measurement technology

Despite executing the work in a qualified, professional manner, it is always necessary to check the behavior of the finished anchors. The nature of geology often makes it impossible to accurately predict the behavior of the anchors and therefore anchor tests are of the utmost importance.


Küchler Technik perform these measurements using quality analogue or digital equipment. Normally measurements are read and recorded in situ, but systems are also available for the long-term monitoring of the anchors. Data can be recorded continuously for fixed measurement systems whereby the behavior of the anchor is fully documented. If critical values are detected the system immediately notifies the responsible persons by SMS.


Using these tests and measuring systems enables Küchler Technik to give you security and peace of mind for installed anchors. 

You want to test your anchors or piles?

Küchler Technik offer pull-out tests, tensile tests, anchor tests, simple tension tests, detailed tension tests as well as pressure tests.